The Secret : A Different Perspective

Perhaps you’re familiar with the book, The Secret. If you’ve tried the book’s recommendations, but didn’t have great results, that doesn’t mean that the book is without merit. To benefit from it, it’s important to understand what it actually provides you. 

Who The Secret Automatically Works For

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to win all the time? Whether they’re vying for a promotion or competing in the weight loss challenge at work, they always seem to come out ahead. For these people, The Secret works great automatically. Why is this?

These people are very good at taking action and don’t have a lot of mental garbage in their way. Mere visualization is enough to get them charging full-steam ahead, and they can’t be stopped once they start.

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7 Strategies for Dealing With Negative People

Anyone that has to deal with negative people on a regular basis knows just how challenging it can be. All the complaining and ‘doom and gloom’ talk can really sap your energy and patience. At the conclusion of a mere 15-minute conversation, it can feel like the life has been sucked right out of you.

The good news is you can lessen the effects of their negativity by coming up with a plan to deal with this challenge.

Try these strategies:

1. Be objective. It’s important not to take the negative person’s comments personally. Recognize that they’re pessimistic most of the time and take an unhelpful perspective of most things. They can be so absorbed by their negative thoughts that they have a difficult time being tactful.

* In reality, you might feel a little sorry for them. Aren’t you glad that you don’t carry the same negative attitude about life? It’s difficult to be upset with someone when you feel sorry for them.

2. Keep the conversation light. It can be very helpful to steer the conversation to lighter topics, like the weather, movies, or sports to keep things from getting too intense. Some people simply enjoy feeling the emotional intensity that comes from being negative.

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How to Increase Your Self-Esteem

You might have discovered lately that you aren’t feeling as positive as you could about yourself. Maybe you’re disappointed in how you look or some of the emotions you feel. Your attitude might slip a bit at times and you find yourself making self-deprecating statements to others.

How can you get out of this rut and reinvigorate how you feel about yourself?

These strategies will help you get back on track and increase your self-esteem:

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How to Maintain Positive Energy Everyday

How does a typical day start for you?

Does the following scenario sound all too familiar?

You’re shocked out of a fitful sleep by a blaring alarm. As you crawl out of bed bemoaning the stresses of the day ahead, you turn on the TV or radio, open your newspaper, or click onto the Internet. What do you see? The media delights in engulfing you with stories of horrific events.

As you leave your home, you’re surrounded by harried drivers until you finally arrive at the office, only to be submerged in office politics and other trappings of the rat race.

In a world filled with so much negativity, is it possible to live a positively charged life?

The answer is yes! Consider, for a moment, how this same day could have started if you were focusing on positivity, instead:

As you awaken, you feel rejuvenated by restful slumber. You’re greeted by the melody of the birds singing as they herald the beauty of the new day. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air and you sit up, stretch, and spend a leisurely moment taking it all in.

You spend your commute wondering what exciting opportunities await you as you plan a fulfilling day mixed with working toward your goals and enjoying your favorite hobbies. At the office, your co-workers chat amiably as they settle in for a productive day.

Which morning do you prefer?

The amazing thing is you have the power to choose either one!

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Strengthening Your Persistence for Greater Success

One of the greatest character traits you can have is persistence. According to the Wordbook Dictionary, “persistence” is determination, tenacity and “the act of persevering; continuing or repeating a behavior.” Being persistent means you’ll keep trying until you accomplish a goal or get something right.

Reflect back on times when you were persistent. What did you do? How long and how often did you repeat the behavior you needed for success? Did you get the results you wanted? What did you learn from the experience?

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Positive Affirmation : I make the best of all situations.

Whatever life may send my way, I know I am up to the task. I am thankful for my resourcefulness, resilience, and strength of character. Because of these attributes, I can make the best of all situations.

I have learned a lot over the years about how to live resourcefully, and I have many tools at my disposal. My creativity is an enormous asset to me in resolving any issues in my life. I am adept at finding new solutions and resources.

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How to Make a Vision Board to Reflect Your Life Goals

Vision board
Do you feel you need a push to focus on your goals? It can be very effective to have daily reminders of what you want to accomplish. But how is it possible to keep your goals in mind every day? One way to consistently work toward bringing your dreams to life is to make a vision board.

 What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a craft project – a collage that includes pictures and words that reflect your life goals. The board can address your life in general or one or more specific areas you choose.

A vision board shows what you’re seeking in life. It prompts you to consider what you want. Before starting your board, ask yourself what your goals are. What do you want your life to be like?

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Laugh Your Way to Increased Health and Happiness


Laughter is free, fun, and good for your health. Here are some of the things laughter can do for you, and some ways to bring more joy into your life.

Benefits of Laughter

  1. Boost your immune system. Research on the connection between laughter and physical health is still ongoing, but some benefits are clear. Laughing helps to fight stress and may enhance your immune response. This may make you more resistant to colds and other illnesses.
  2. Diminish pain. Laughing is an effective way to decrease pain. Many individuals living with chronic pain report that humor helps make their experiences more bearable. Some hospitals even offer laughter therapy to complement conventional treatments for cancer and other conditions.
  3. Get a little workout. Every time you chuckle, you boost your heart rate and increase your circulation, which burns more calories than just sitting still. You still need to exercise, but every little bit helps.

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Self-Improvement Activities for February

February is a challenging month for many people. Often, February is when we really start getting tired of all the cold and snow. We huddle in our homes hoping that things will get better. But instead of just waiting things out, why not devote February to self-improvement?

Consider these self-improvement ideas for tasks to keep you active in February :

1. Call an old friend. If you’ve had a relationship you cared about that ended years ago, have you ever thought about re-connecting with that friend? We all seek to have healthy and enduring friendships. If you think there’s a chance you can revive a relationship you’ve missed, go for it.

2. Spend a Saturday with a parent. When was the last time you spent a whole day with a parent? If you’re like most of us, you haven’t done this much since childhood.

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