Change in my life is like putting on a new outfit that shows off the fresh, enhanced me.

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There is nothing like the feeling of wearing a new outfit for the first time! It shows a new image of me. I am still the same person inside those new clothes, but I am rejuvenated with the new addition.

When I incorporate new changes into my life, I get that same feeling as when I wear a new outfit. The changes only enhance who I am! Even though it is still the same me, part of me is fresh and new, like wearing new clothes.

My new image shows courage to tackle new things. As humans, we tend to resist change. It takes courage and strength of character to be willing to embrace change to meet our goals or accept it when it is forced upon us by circumstance.

My new image displays creativity. I can think “outside the box” in order to accomplish what I desire. If I need to change my planned path from time to time to solve a problem or overcome a challenge, I gladly go shopping for the changes that will enhance me.

My new image reveals my passion for life. Change is an exciting part of life and it allows me to become the person I want to be. If I do not change and grow, I get as stale as old clothes. And who wants that? Not me! I welcome the freshness of change!

Today, I choose to embrace the changes that will allow the new me to sparkle. I can learn something new, adopt a positive habit that brings me joy, or solve a challenge.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I resist change, even when it can improve my life?

  2. Am I comfortable with changing my path in order to achieve my goals?

  3. How have changes in my life enhanced me?

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