Change the world as an Entrepreneur

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14 Responses to Change the world as an Entrepreneur

  • Rodrigo Valenzuela says:

    Thanks for the great inspirational video. It is so great to see some leaders emerging amid adversities of life with a single thing called determination. I hope I could emulate them.

  • steve@my stress problem says:

    Hi Franck!

    This video motivates me a lot. It speaks volumes to me and inspires to achieve something in life. A person may not have a single penny in pocket but using his sharp and brilliant mind he or she can achieve great heights in life.

  • rohit aroraa says:

    Genuine feelings of entrepreneurship inside a person are usually driven by an ability to see that they can create or produce a product or service of value to others, that will carry one’s personal stamp on it, helps him or her make money and let one be in control of one’s schedule, destiny and growth.

    A person claiming to be an entrepreneur on the outside but a consumer inside is not going to change anything as long as he stays focused on what he wants from his success.

    For an entrepreneur, the high is as much in producing and selling and ensuring smooth operation of business as it is in consuming. Without this high, its impossible to sustain oneself thru demands of business.

  • Stephen Mills says:

    Well the video speaks volumes to me and inspires to achieve something in life. A person may not have a single penny in pocket but using his sharp and brilliant mind he or she can achieve great heights in life, thanks for sharing.

  • Vernon says:

    This video is packed with a great information and really a helpful one. It makes me realize about something strategies on how to become a production one and really it makes me motivated a lot. Thanks for sharing this one. Really a food for thought and I really love it so much.

  • Steve says:

    This video made me proud to be an entrepreneur. At the moment, my mind really does seem clouded with obstacles. I am configuring my thoughts to think positive and I tell myself often that my goals and dreams can be achieved. Most of the successful entrepreneurs have gone through many challenges and because of their determination and faith, they have accomplished so many. Thank you for inspiring me and hope you can visit me at derivatives as well.

  • joyce says:

    Thanks for sharing this video..It really helps me a lot how to motivate..

  • Rachel says:

    Thank you for sharing this very inspiring video. I have learned a lot. It really motivates me and I think a lot of people will do.

  • Cynthia says:

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring food for thought to us..Its really an inspiration..Its help also to motivate myself..

  • Betty says:

    When I think about, I remembered that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. There have been a lot of challenges and trials but optimism matched with actions has produced a lot of progress in my business. Thank you for sharing this inspirational video.

  • Karen says:

    Entrepreneurs face a lot of trials. It is difficult to succeed without a positive mind setting. Persistence and determination are our best qualities. The video you shared proves to be a good reminder of that.

  • Fhellie Den says:

    This is really what I need…Thanks for the video here…

  • Christopher says:

    I have learned a lot from this. Thank you for sharing this very inspirational video.

  • Genaro says:

    The video is so inspiring and very motivating for me. Being an entrepreneurs go with a lot of difficulties. Thank you for the video.

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