Affirmation : My life is full of joy, health, and happiness.

Affirmations - My life is full of joy, health, and happiness.

My life is filled with everything good. Inside my heart there is an overabundance of positive emotions. When I think about my life, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all my blessings. True joy is the result of a grateful heart.

There are innumerable sources of joy in my life. My family and friends are the most precious gifts I have ever received. The unconditional love that I experience with them, especially in times of need, fill my heart with joy.

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Improve Your Life with Positive Self-Talk

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How you think about yourself makes a big difference in how you feel. You can avoid feeling down or upset if you know what to say to yourself and how to say it. Even during difficult times, you can find moments of joy and blessings to talk to yourself about.

No matter what you want to do in life, self-talk can help you accomplish your dreams, goals, and desires. Believing in yourself is a strong component of moving forward into the life you really want and deserve. Positive self-talk can bring you this belief and instill within you the confidence to succeed.

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Change is a blessing that I am learning to enjoy.

I am grateful for the gift of change. Without change, I would never be able to grow, learn new things, accomplish my goals, or look forward to anything different than what I’ve got. Even though I may resist change at times, I am learning to enjoy its possibilities.

Even when change is forced upon me and brings challenges, it opens new doors of opportunity. I now realize that a change that seems devastating can actually propel me into a better life!

Where would I be today if I had not lost that job, causing me to seek a better, more fulfilling path in life? How could I have the husband I enjoy now if I had not left my old boyfriend behind?

Change is one of the blessings that come with the power of choice. I can choose to leave things the way they are, or change them to something better.

I can choose to waste my life fighting inevitable changes or take advantage of them and enjoy life. When life hands me lemons, I choose to make lemonade!

Change allows me to learn and grow. As I strive to achieve my goals, I embrace the changes in my life that bring me ever closer to success. With each change, I become more knowledgeable, stronger, and more confident that I can handle whatever life may bring.

I know that today brings its share of changes. I choose to welcome them all and allow myself to enjoy all opportunities that come my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What changes am I resisting in my life right now?
2. How can I embrace these changes and use them to improve my life?
3. Is there something I can change to move me closer to my goals?

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