Finish Line

I always meet my deadlines.

My deadlines are important to me and with careful planning I am able to achieve anything I set my mind to. I plan ahead to ensure I am at my best in order to become the success that I deserve.

I make plans to achieve my goals without stress. When I do this, I confidently and calmly meet my aspirations.

When I create an effective plan that helps me meet my deadlines, goals and desires in life, I am able to accomplish more with ease. I enjoy the success I create for myself.

Visualizing my goals with their deadlines helps me create a solid plan of action. I also leave wiggle room for unexpected changes in case things come up. This allows me to accept little bumps along the way without losing sight of where I am meant to be.

I enjoy the relaxed feelings I have when those little bumps come up because I have left room for them in my plans. In turn, I enjoy my journey along the way and I celebrate my success when I reach the finish line victoriously.

Today, I carefully construct my plans and remember to leave myself some wiggle room. By doing this, I can meet my deadlines no matter what obstacle may arise in my path. I can enjoy my journey and feel the satisfaction of success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Have I planned ahead to meet my deadlines?
  2. Have I allowed wiggle room in my plans?
  3. Can I take delays in stride because I have planned for such possibilities?
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