Positive Affirmation : Each day, I savor the moments of my life.

Life is like a flower
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Every moment of my day offers me the opportunity for something wonderful. How I choose to look at these moments makes a difference in how I feel. I choose to look at my life as meaningful, peaceful, and joyful.

Whether I am alone or surrounded by others, my life is full of treasured moments. Everyone I meet has the opportunity to join me in the joyous celebration of life! I see the value in all people, no matter who they are.

I bring beauty to my own life and to the lives of others. By savoring my life, I give thanks to the life force that creates and sustains me. Each day I look for things that bring me joy. Every day I find moments I can savor and appreciate.

No matter what is happening in my life, I know I am valuable and my life has meaning and purpose. Because I see the beauty in my life, I am able to accept what comes to me and appreciate all of it. I am brave and courageous, and I live each moment.

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Stop Begging! Start Manifesting

Do you remember that first spark of hope you felt when you watched The Secret? I clearly remember the desire that filled my heart, knowing that – Yes, I can make my dreams come true – FINALLY!

But how many of you soon saw that hope dwindle into frustration? How many of you (and be honest now) started muttering things like:

- “It seems to work for other people, but I just can’t get it right.”

– “I’m frustrated that sometimes I can get it to work, but sometimes I can’t. What’s the trick?”

– “Why am I having so much trouble?”

– “I think the universe is against me.”

– “I’m trying very, VERY hard but still nothing is happening!”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. About 97% of people also couldn’t make the Law of Attraction work for them the first time round. Think about it, just like anything else, you have to practice many times before you see success. A child doesn’t learn to walk without falling over a couple of times, right?

But in practice, everything is easier said and done. When you’re frustrated, it’s hard to stay positive. And it’s especially harder to stay positive when the evidence all around you is screams negativity like the unstable economy or senseless acts of violence such as those recently seen in Mumbai.

And do you know what happens when you fail to stay positive? That’s right – you start attracting negative things in to your life.

So how can you make the Law of Attraction work for you – without getting frustrated? How do those who successfully implement the Law of Attraction do it with such confidence and finesse?

Well, here’s three quick tips so you will never feel frustrated or tired of begging from the universe, because you know how to start manifesting like a pro.

1. Allow Yourself To Receive

Just like a lost child who approaches a police officer and asks, “Excuse me Sir, can you tell me how to go to the post office? Can you? Can you? Can you? Can you? Can you?” Well, if the child goes on and on asking, the police officer can’t even give an answer, right?

Well, it’s the same thing with your mind. If the only thing your mind is doing is transmit, transmit, transmit, the universe — which is trying to respond — can’t give you a single thing because you’re not allowing yourself to receive!

So, have the confidence in yourself and stop exhausting yourself by running around person to person begging for riches, and then wondering why nobody is dropping a penny in your cup (Hint: It’s because you’re running away too fast for them before they can even reach for their wallets).

Just think of your desires and leave it out there, go away, and trust that your cup will be filled with gold coins (or whatever it is you asked for) when the time is right.

2. Be Patient With Yourself

Receiving takes time.

Sadly, many people give up just a couple of steps before the finish line because they’ve decided that if it’s not working by now, it’s never going to work at all. Worse still are those who throw in more and more energy because they think that with more resources, the results will come faster.

This is like expecting 9 mothers to conceive and deliver a baby in 1 month. You also can’t bake cookies in half the time by doubling the temperature. You’ll incinerate those cookies to ashes!

In simple terms: Everything in this world has a natural development time, and this fact will not change no matter what resources you throw at it.

So relax and be patient. Remember that you too, as part of the universe, are also governed by the laws of the universe, and you cannot change the natural development time.

If you remember this, you will less likely work yourself up into frustration, or worse, push yourself into a downward spiral of negativity.

3. Support and Educate Yourself

Like the child who is learning how to walk, you need support. You also need to guidance on how to do it, and also the role models to look up to.

Many people give up because they think that “The Secret” is the “be all and end all” solution. Well, it’s NOT. “The Secret” is just a small portion. It was never intended, and has never been, the whole answer.

Coming to the conclusion that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work when all you ever did to educate yourself was watch “The Secret” 19 times (without looking at changing the habits of other areas of your life) is like coming to the conclusion that exercising is not an effective way to lose weight because all you did is run on the treadmill for 2 hours a day (but you’re still stuffing yourself with fried foods and cheesecakes).

So seek and be hungry for new knowledge. Also, make an effort to be amongst people or communities where you can support each other, learn from each other and also share new knowledge that you have found.

While the Law of Attraction is not an overnight delivery service, it will indeed deliver, if you do your part too!

Check out the site here – go to http://www.the11forgottenlaws.com/?p=568

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Understanding the Law of Attraction

Perhaps you’ve become aware of the popularity of the Law of Attraction. The big question is: how can you incorporate its principles into your daily existence?

To do this correctly, we must first understand what the Law of Attraction means and what its guiding principles are. Thankfully, they’re quite simple and easy to comprehend.

The Law of Attraction states that negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. The universe can understand our subconscious minds, and it delivers things according to the way we’re thinking.

If we want the Law of Attraction to provide us with positive rewards, joy, and happiness, here are some simple strategies to follow:

1. Always give thanks. For us to live the Law of Attraction on a continuous basis, we must always give gratitude. What this means is that, no matter what we have up to this point in time, we must profess thanks for it.

  • If you sincerely practice this on a continuous basis, you’ll be rewarded with many positive things.
  • A good way to practice this on a daily basis is to give thanks each day upon rising and at night before going to bed. At these times of the day, our subconscious mind is most receptive.
  • Proclaiming gratitude keeps us humble and reminds us of all the good things in our lives.

2. Escape negative thoughts and feelings. More than likely your life is extremely hectic and stress-filled. It’s easy to become frustrated and negative about a lot of issues and situations. According to the principles of the Law of Attraction, we must redirect these feelings immediately. Remember that positive attracts positive, but we also must not forget that negative attracts negative.

  • Because of this, if we focus only on the negative, we’ll only attract negative things back into our existence. For example, if you’re in a long supermarket line, instead of thinking about how much you hate food shopping, think of your kids’ faces when you make their favorite meal.
  • There are many people in this world who live a positive existence; those are the kind of people you must emulate.

3. Voice what you want. As per the Law of Attraction, if you request something, it will be brought to you. Do you want happy children, more money, love, and a well-paid job? All this can be yours, but you need to request this through your subconscious.

  • For instance, if you’d like love brought into your existence, you must truly picture yourself with love in your life. Imagine how happy you are, the smiles on your faces, and enjoying things together.
  • Just remember that you must request this sincerely. Only true positive energy will attract back more positive things. You can’t fake it!

The Law of Attraction proves to us that our subconscious is a powerful tool. It’s a tool that can provide us with everything our heart desires if we know how to use it correctly. Incorporate the principles of the Law of Attraction, and with an open heart, you can have a happy and fulfilling life.

How To Use Magnetics To Get What You Want

Ever  notice how a chronic complainer always seems to have something to complain about? Or how certain people always seem sunny and bright, no matter what hardships they’re dealing with, as if the weight of all their troubles seems to just slip right off them? What’s that all about?

:”When it rains, it pours,” the proverbial ‘they’ say; why is that? Why does everything seem to go from bad to worse for some people while for others nothing ever seems to go wrong? In a word: magnetism. Everyone has a magnetic personality. How about that?

In all our endless trials and tribulations to get what we want in life, the solution – or maybe more aptly put: the method – is startlingly simple:

Like attracts like.

That’s it. Whatever energy we put into out into the world is precisely the energy we get back. And having all your heart’s desires fulfilled doesn’t get any harder than that.

If you put out to the world that nothing goes your way, that everything you touch turns to (insert expletive here), that good things happen to other people but not to you, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get: more circumstances justifying those beliefs.

But if instead you put out to the world that you can handle any challenges that come your way, that you can do anything you put your mind to, that love is the answer to every question, that you deserve to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled, then everywhere you turn, that is just what you’ll find.

One way to look at it is that the Universe (or God, or whatever other name you choose to give to the all-present, all-powerful, creative force underlying everything) wants you to have what you want. And when you put out certain vibrations into the Universe, it takes those as messages from you that that’s what you want created.

The Universe is there to serve you. It will produce for you whatever evidence you need to justify the world as you see it. Therefore, if you see the world as a dark, cold, and unfriendly place, that’s exactly what you’ll get. But by the same token, if you instead choose to see the world as a loving, giving, and abundant place, then that’s the world you’ll get.

Why doesn’t everybody do this then? How is it that so many people can use “logic” and evidence from their own lives to argue against it? And “why do bad things happen to good people, then?”

Because the evidence we speak of does not necessarily come in the form or the time frame we expect. (In fact usually it does not). And because proof must follow belief, not the other way around. We can’t wait until we see this phenomenon proven before we take is a truth. We must make the brave choice to see it that way first, and then watch the proof snowball in.

We can’t control situations, but we can control our inner state, and it is this – our internal mental/emotional/spiritual state, our perceptions, interpretations, and attitudes – that the Universe mirrors to give us what it thinks we want, namely: more of that same negative or positive energy.

In a very real way, we are magnets that draw to us more of whatever vibrations we emit. It can be argued that we do not live in the same world as everyone else, that we live each in our own world, shaped by our expectations and beliefs. If your expectations and beliefs are positive ones, then you will find circumstances bending over backwards to prove you right. If, however, you persist on painting everything with a negative brush, the Universe will only be too happy to oblige.

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Attract Money

So many people work so hard to make money only to find that, rather than create more money, they only create more work. If we understand the Law of Attraction (that we get more of what we put our attention on), it only makes sense. Our attention is on the work – on what we have to do to make money. But you don’t have to do anything, and in this infinitely abundant universe, you don’t have to make money; it’s already everywhere.

What’s more, those working so hard to make money are making money; they’re just not keeping it, or using it for the things they desire. “But I have bills. I have needs that must be met before I can spend on my desires,” the argument goes. The typical conclusion? “I simply need to make more.” So how do we make money to meet our needs and fulfill our desires?

Focus on the desire. One of the fundamental keys to attracting money into your life is, rather than focusing on the money, focus instead on what it is you want that money to help you do or have.

We already focus on money and work and meeting our needs, and look what happens. The Law of Attraction brings us money and work and meets our needs (we eat, we have shelter, and we’re not dead yet). Focus on that which we desire and the Law of Attraction will also bring us the means to attain it. It’s not an either/or situation; not in this universe, it isn’t.

On a spiritual level it can be argued that the only reason you don’t have the money for what you want yet is because either you haven’t seen yourself as having that desire fulfilled or you haven’t brought yourself into energetic alignment with its happening. Either that or you already do have the money for what you want here and now and your vision is just too clouded for you to see it.

Fear of scarcity and lack cloud our ability to recognize our current state of abundance. We’re so afraid of losing what we have or of not having enough for what we need that we cling to whatever we do have; we horde. This keeps us cut off from the free flow of infinite abundance that is our natural state. Our focus on scarcity and lack creates more scarcity and lack. Our focus on the little we do have keeps us having little.

Despite common misunderstanding, “Money is the root of all evil,” is not how the saying goes; it’s actually: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Money is just a means to an end. Fixating on the means rather than the end is the error. That just keeps you locked in a vicious and exhausting cycle of pursuing endless means. The ‘end’ is just your current desires. Are your desires evil? If you judge them to be so, then it’s your desires you may need to change. But chances are you don’t think your desires are evil. Removing the stigma you may have about money is a invaluable step in allowing money to pass through your hands.

Everything is in motion. Like water, like breath, like time – everything flows. Disengaging from the flow is the way to create and perpetuate and reinforce the illusion of scarcity and lack. Engaging in the flow is the way to attract affluence.

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